The Many Benefits Of Tai Chi

The Many Benefits Of Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a gentle type of exercise that is known to maintain flexibility, balance, and strength. It is an exercise that both the young and the elderly can do without much negative physical impact. Tai Chi is often called meditation that is in motion. This mind-body exercise that originated in China is considered a low impact form of martial arts. It is known to prevent many health problems. Tai Chi has many benefits. Here are some of them.


It is low-impact

Since Tai Chi is low impact in means that people can start doing it even if they are not in the best of shape. Doing Tai Chi will only improve their health with its circular movements that are not forced. In Tai Chi, the muscles are not tense but are relaxed and joints are not fully extended or bent so that connective tissues are not stretched. Tai Chi can be adapted for almost any type of body and physical activity level. Even people who are in wheelchairs can do a modified form of Tai Chi.


It improves muscular strength

Tai Chi is known to improve upper and lower body strength. When it is done regularly, Tai Chi can be compared to brisk walking and resistance training. Even though someone doing Tai Chi is not working with weights, they can still strengthen the back of the abdomen and their core muscular strength.


Balance is improved

Tai Chi is known to improve balance and reduce falls. This is helpful for the elderly since falls can be deadly for them. When doing Tai Chi, one’s ability to sense their position in space is improved and this is what improves balance. Tai Chi underscores this sense and improves one’s sense of balance by focusing on sensory neutrons that are receptors for ligaments and muscles. With improved flexibility and muscular strength that’s gained from Tai Chi, recovering from a stumble is easier.


It improves aerobic conditioning

Many people believe that Tai Chi cannot provide cardio benefits since it is not a rigorous form of exercise. This assumption is not accurate. Tai Chi can improve aerobic benefits in a low-impact manner. There are many cardio exercises that get the heart rate up such as cycling, jogging and aerobics. However, these exercises may be too strenuous for all body types. With Tai Chi, one can still experience cardio conditioning without having to exert oneself.


Tai Chi is known to improve muscular strength, balance, and aerobic conditioning. It is a great starter exercise for those that are trying to get back into shape. All of these go to show that this form of exercise has many benefits that are useful for all ages and body types.


Summary of The Benefits of Tai Chi:

  • It is low-impact
  • It improves muscular strength
  • Balance is improved
  • It improves aerobic conditioning

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